QMS – Quality Management System


As the name implies, we are a quality management group in healthcare services with a missionary zeal.

Small to medium Healthcare Organizations in India are generally Doctor Managed services, either individual or couples, who are extremely skilled and proficient clinically.

However, the business and operations management is something they are not never trained for, nor they have the mind set to grow to the extent, they actually can. In fact, their clinical efficiency goes down while doing all things together.

With the influx and penetration of corporates in healthcare, even in the tier 2 and 3 towns, professional and efficient management of medical practice can only sustain or grow the small and medium clinics, diagnostic centers and hospitals.

Membership Invitation

QMS is inviting membership for the desirous healthcare organizations (HCOs) willing to improve efficiency, reduce errors / losses and enhance public image & revenues.

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Why Us

Gain All & Loose Nothing; We detail from Macro-Gross to Micro-Most
Members of Indian Healthcare Quality Mission shall enhance their business by better patient satisfaction, staff retention, reduced losses and errors and also gain more peace of mind.

We specialize in

Branding and Designs; Signages and Displays for perception.

Standard Operating Procedures for better work flow.

Stores Management & Lean Management for reduction of wastages.

HR Management for staff satisfaction and compliances .

Trainings, Activity List, Check List, Monthly and Annual Calendar so that you miss no activity.

Customer Satisfaction Process for repeat visits and recommendations.

AERB Compliance.

PNDT Compliance.

Other Statuary Compliances.

Online Monitoring and Guidance through our Interactive Website.

Enhancement of Work Environment.

  • Vision

    To establish ourselves as a respectable change maker in improving the quality of healthcare services across India through our own and through associate facilities.

  • Mission

    To enhance the client experience to the highest level through standard systems and procedures in technical service area as well as non technical service areas.

    To create high value for our brand and for all stakeholders by replicating the standard model at multiple locations